This is kind of a cop out, but…

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As part of my goals for 2011, I’m trying to blog more regularly — once a week, right here, to be precise.  As I mentioned, I don’t quite have the rhythm down yet.  This is evidenced by the fact that I’m sitting in bed at 11:30pm on Sunday night writing this half-assed post, just so… Read more »

Tumbling on

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Most of the action is happening on my Tumblog these days.  For some reason I can’t stop posting there, and I can’t start here…

New theme, and it's slightly less simple

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During Theo’s morning nap today, I updated this blog’s theme.   I’m going to attempt to start using the blog more regulalry, as sort of an “open lab notebook,” and (in the true spirit of procrastination) figured I’d start by updating the theme. So here it is; I’ve ditched by previous Undesign for more of a… Read more »

Welcome to the Undesign

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Over the past two years, I’ve redesigned this website about 5 times, but never finished. Talk about frustrating. Eventually, I realized that I was getting nowhere, and that instead of a redesign, what I really needed was an undesign. So that’s what I did. Welcome to wrkng -1.0, my first undesign. Lately I’ve been getting… Read more »