jPlayer sprites SVG

For a little side project, I’m using jPlayer, a nice jQuery-based audio player.   I wanted to skin the buttons a to suit my project, and while jPlayer does support jQuery ThemeRoller skins, I liked the basic look and feel of the standard jPlayer controls.  So, I just traced the default sprites in Illustrator in order to recolor them.  For other jPlayer developers, you can download the source SVG  here, and tweak away.



  • Jen

    Thanks for this. It’s such a HUGE help! :)

  • You’re welcome! Glad to know it’s helpful.

  • steve tweeddale

    Brilliant! I’m on a tight deadline and recolouring in Photoshop just wasn’t working – thanks a lot for this.

  • felx

    tx! you saved me a lot of time vectorizing new buttons…

  • awesome! thanks :)

  • elliotd

    saweet thanks!