Speaking page

I’ve been doing more public speaking recently, and finally assembled videos into a single place:


As I look at that list, I realize that I’ve been doing a ton of speaking in Europe. Of course I know this, because I was there, but didn’t quite realize the pattern that the majority of my recently speaking gigs have been over there.

I love talking about what’s going on with startups and the internet, and look forward to finding more places to give talks and meet more great people.


  • Twain Twain

    Maybe USV should open an office in Europe!

    • jason wright

      BlueYard seems to have a connection to that idea.

      • Twain Twain

        Are they an investment partner of USV’s? Thanks!

        • not formally, we are just in a number of deals w them and are generally sympatico w their outlook

      • ha!

    • prob not, but I’m happy to keep going :-)